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Linkedin Premium accounts comparison for recruiting

Sales Navigator, Linkedin Recruiter Lite, Recruiter Corporate, what is the best tool for recruiting?
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May 27, 2024
Linkedin Premium accounts comparison for recruiting
André Farah
Linkedin Premium accounts comparison for recruiting

LinkedIn is mandatory for recruiters because it is the largest professional network, enabling access to a wide pool of both active and passive candidates, along with advanced search and communication tools tailored for recruitment. A premium plan is mandatory for recruiters to access advanced search and contact features, message candidates directly, and gain insights that are not available with the free version.

In this blog post, you will see the differences between all different premium accounts proposed by LinkedIn

  • Recruiter Lite: An entry-level recruitment tool that provides powerful search capabilities and additional InMail credits to reach potential candidates, along with tracking features.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate: The most advanced version of LinkedIn's recruitment tools, designed for larger organizations or those with extensive recruiting needs
  • Sales Navigator: Tailored for sales professionals to find leads and manage customer relationships, offering advanced search and tracking features.

You will discover in this blog post what is the best tool recruiting.

Linkedin's different premium accounts

Linkedin Recruiter Lite

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is a recruitment tool that allows users to search LinkedIn's vast user base using advanced filters to find potential candidates. It offers 30 InMail messages per month for reaching out to prospects, the ability to manage job postings, and the functionality to organize candidates into projects for easy tracking. It also provides visibility into extended network connections up to third-degree contacts, enhancing the recruiter's reach. The tool is designed to simplify the recruitment process while offering a subset of the features found in the more advanced LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate package.

Price: About $150 per month per user

Linkedin Recruiter Corporate

LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate is an advanced recruitment solution designed for larger organizations and high-volume recruiting. It provides comprehensive search capabilities with over 40 filters, allowing recruiters to find candidates with specific qualifications. Users receive 150 InMail messages per month to contact prospects and have access to collaboration tools for team-based recruiting projects. The platform also offers detailed reporting and analytics for tracking recruitment metrics, unlimited people searches, and integration with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Additionally, it features LinkedIn's "spotlights," which help identify candidates more likely to respond or who are already engaged with the company in some way. This premium version is geared towards streamlining extensive recruiting efforts and maximizing recruitment efficiency at a corporate scale.

Price: About $800 per month per user

Linkedin Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium sales tool designed to help sales professionals tap into LinkedIn's network to find, understand, and engage with leads and prospects. It offers advanced search filters, lead recommendations, and real-time insights on accounts and contacts. Sales Navigator users can send InMail messages, save leads and accounts, and see who's viewed their profile. It also provides the ability to track updates from companies and leads, helping to identify the right timing for outreach. This tool is especially useful for building and maintaining relationships with potential buyers, fostering sales opportunities, and managing sales pipelines more effectively.

Some recruiters prefer to use Linkedin Sales Navigator instead of Linkedin Recruiter accounts. The reason is that Linkedin Sales Navigator is cheaper than both solutions.

Price: About $100 per month per user

LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate vs Recruiter Lite: What tool to choose?

When deciding between LinkedIn Recruiter Lite and Recruiter Corporate, recruitment agencies and in-house Talent Acquisition Manager should consider their hiring frequency, search filter needs, InMail usage, team collaboration, and ATS integration.

Recruiter Lite is more affordable for occasional hiring with essential search capabilities and a moderate number of InMails.

Recruiter Corporate offers comprehensive search filters, a higher InMail allowance, collaborative features for teams, and ATS integration, suitable for agencies with frequent and extensive recruiting needs but comes at a higher cost and typically requires an annual commitment.

To find more about the differences between both Linkedin Recruiter's solution, read our blog post: Linkedin Recruiter Corporate vs Recruiter Lite.

Linkedin Recruiter Sales Navigator vs Recruiter Lite: What tool to choose?

When choosing between LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate, Recruiter Lite, and Sales Navigator for recruitment purposes, agencies must consider their needs and budget. Sales Navigator, while cheaper and offering a broader network reach with certain unique filters, is primarily for sales but adaptable for recruitment. It provides more InMails than Recruiter Lite and allows contacting potential candidates outside of one's immediate network.

Recruiter Lite, on the other hand, is tailored for recruitment with job posting management, candidate tracking, and recruitment-specific search filters. It also notifies recruiters of new potential candidates through the Saved Search feature and allows targeting based on skills and graduation year, which Sales Navigator does not.

For pure recruitment activities, Recruiter Lite is generally more suitable due to its recruitment-centered features and workflow tools. It is also useful for finding new leads, akin to Sales Navigator. However, if budget constraints are significant, or the broader network reach of Sales Navigator is deemed beneficial, it could be considered a viable option. Agencies ready to invest more for an extensive suite of recruiting tools might prefer LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate, offering advanced features and collaborative functions for high-volume recruiting.

To find more about the differences between Linkedin Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite, read our blog post: Linkedin Sales Navigator vs Recruiter Lite

What are Linkedin Premium Accounts?

LinkedIn Premium Accounts are subscription-based services offered by LinkedIn that provide additional features beyond the free account. Both Premium Career and Premium Business enhance visibility and provide additional tools for users to achieve their respective career or business objectives on the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn Premium Careers

Linkedin Premium Careers helps job seekers with tools to enhance their visibility and job application process. It provides features such as:

  • "Who's Viewed Your Profile": Access to the full list of people who have viewed your profile, not just the last five, which can offer networking opportunities.
  • Direct Messaging: The ability to send InMail messages to recruiters or key decision-makers without requiring a connection.
  • Applicant Insights: Information on how a user compares to other applicants in terms of education, experience, and skills.
  • Learning Resources: Access to LinkedIn Learning courses for professional development.
  • Job Insights: Detailed insights on posted jobs and the ability to be featured as a top applicant.

Price: About $40 per month per user

LinkedIn Premium Business

Linkedin Premium Business provides business professionals with deeper insights and more networking opportunities.

Premium Business is aimed at professionals and businesses seeking to expand their network and gain business insights. It includes:

  • Business Insights: In-depth information on companies, their growth, and functional trends.
  • Unlimited Profile Browsing: The ability to browse profiles beyond your immediate network to the 3rd-degree connections.
  • Advanced Search Filters: Enhanced search capabilities to find and connect with potential partners, customers, or experts in your field.
  • Lead Recommendations: Suggestions for potential leads based on your saved searches and profile interactions.
  • More InMail Messages: An increased number of InMail messages compared to the free version, allowing for more outreach opportunities.
  • Learning Resources: Access to LinkedIn Learning for personal and professional growth.

Price: About $60 per month per user

What is Linkedin Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is an online educational platform that offers a diverse array of video courses taught by industry experts in three main categories: business, creative, and technology. Subscribers can access a vast library of engaging, top-quality courses covering a wide range of topics, from software development and design to business strategy and soft skills development. LinkedIn Learning is designed to help individuals develop new skills, improve their current ones, and advance their careers. It's also used by businesses to provide professional development for their employees. The platform integrates with the broader LinkedIn ecosystem, offering personalized course recommendations based on users’ job roles, industries, and skills they want to learn or improve.

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