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Linkedin Sales Navigator vs Recruiter Lite

Differences between Linkedin recruiter lite and sales navigator solutions: Filters, pricing, features, inmails...
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May 27, 2024
Linkedin Sales Navigator vs Recruiter Lite
André Farah
Linkedin Sales Navigator vs Recruiter Lite

Recruiters usually use one of Linkedin Recruiter's plans

  • LinkedIn recruiter corporate
  • LinkedIn recruiter lite

However, many recruiters tend to use Linkedin Sales Navigator, that was supposed to be designed for Sales and Business Development departements. The main reason for this choice is that Linkedin Sales Navigator is cheaper than both Linkedin Recruiter's solutions. Is it a good call for recruiters, talent acquisition manager and head hunting agencies? What are the features they are missing?

What is Linkedin Sales Navigator and how can recruiters use it?

Presentation of Linkedin Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a specialized tool offered by LinkedIn designed to enhance sales professionals' capabilities in finding, connecting with, and understanding potential leads and customers. It builds on the basic functionalities of LinkedIn, by offering advanced features that are particularly useful for sales and business development.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is often used by sales professionals, business development teams, and marketers who are looking to enhance their lead generation and sales strategies through the vast network available on LinkedIn.

Why do some recruiters use LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

The process of reaching out to potential leads, prospects, customers, or contacting candidates is pretty similar. LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps recruiters by offering advanced search capabilities to pinpoint potential candidates, allows them to reach out directly via InMail, and provides updates on job changes and company news to identify when prospects might be open to new opportunities. It can also facilitate warm introductions through mutual connections and help in tracking and organizing recruitment efforts.

Linkedin Sales Navigator features

One of the great advantages of SalesNavigator is that you can search for leads (LinkedIn profiles) and accounts (companies) using their advanced filters.

Sales Navigator allows you to create list of leads and accounts, use alerts to follow-up, save searches to detect new opportunities and send inMails.


The price for Linkedin Sales Navigator is about $100 a month. You can have a one month free trial if you have never subscribed to this plan before. You can cancel your subscription each month.

What is Linkedin Recruiter lite?

Presentation of Linkedin Recruiter Lite

Linkedin Recruiter Lite is the entry-level solution offered for recruitment. It offers you an access to the Linkedin's candidates database.

Linkedin Recruiter Lite can also be used to look for new clients and potential customers. You can target your prospects using the same filters that you use to target candidates.

Linkedin Recruiter Lite Features

This Linkedin subscription offer you to manage your job posting and candidates outreach into project.

You can use the advanced search to look for new candidates, add them to new project and send them messages.

Important thing to know is that it will allow you to see third level connections candidate (people that are connected to people in y network).


The price for Linkedin Recruiter lite is about $150 a month. You can have a one month free trial if you have never subscribed to this plan before. You can cancel your subscription each month.

What is the difference between Linkedin Recruiter Lite and Linkedin Sales Navigator?

The price difference between Linkedin Recruiter Lite and Linkedin Sales Navigator

The pricing between LinkedIn Recruiter Lite and LinkedIn Sales navigator are pretty close:

  • The price is $100 per month for Sales Nav
  • The prices is $150 per month for Linkedin Recruiter Lite

Linkedin Recruiter Lite saved search

In LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, the Saved Search feature allows recruiters to save specific search criteria they’ve set up to find candidates. This means they can easily run the same search in the future without having to redefine the parameters each time. Additionally, it can notify recruiters when new candidates who meet their saved search criteria join LinkedIn or update their profiles, making it easier to discover fresh talent as soon as they become available. You can save up too 10 saved search with Linkedin Recruite Lite.

This is a very important feature that help recruiters never miss any new candidates when they use Linkedin Recruiter Lite.

The filters you have in Linkedin Recruiter Lite vs Linkedin Sales Nav

Around all filters, there are two filters that you do not have in Sales Nav vs Linkedin Recruiter Lite

  • Skills: Linkedin Recruiter Lite can help you target candidates depending on the skills they have listed in their LinkedIn profile. With Sales Navigator, the only possibility to identify those skills is by using boolean search operators in the "Keywords" filter.
  • Years of Graduation: With LinkedIn Recruiter, you can target candidates depending on the year of gradation. However, Sales Navigator have the "Years of Experience" filter, also available in LinkedIn Recruiter Lite.

Sales Navigator provide some filters that are not available in Linkedin Recruiter Lite

  • Years in the current role
  • Years in the current company
  • Groups: It helps you find if a candidate is interested in some particular group.

Number of inmails in Sales Navigator vs Linkedin Recruiter Lite

Linkedin Sales Navigator offers 50 inmails per month per user, whereas Linkedin Recruiter Lite offers 30 inmails per month per user. Above these two limits, you will have to pay for extra inmails, which can cost around $1.50 to $2.00.

This is why we suggest to use automated Linkedin Connection Requests, instead of inmails.

  • LinkedIn Connection Requests are free, limited to 200 per week
  • They have higher response rate than inmails
  • They can help you expand your network by adding new connections, if the persons you ask for connection accept.

👉 You want to purchase extra inmails ? Find out how much do Linkedin inmails cost

Network accessibility

This aspect is one advantage with Sales Navigator. With LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, you are limited to the people with a maximum 3rd degree connections in your network. People above 3rd degree will not appear in your search results

However, with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can find and reach out to these people.

This appears to be one of the main advantage to Linkedin Sales Navigator. However, recruiters usually have a large network, with thousands connections. They are not really likely to miss out good candidates, thanks to their large network.

Linkedin Sales Navigator vs Recruiter Lite, what is the best plan for recruitment agencies?

The choice between LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite for recruitment agencies depends on the specific needs and objectives of the agency.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is primarily a tool for sales professionals to find and manage sales prospects. However, it can be adapted for recruiting as it offers advanced search filters, InMail messages, and insights into potential candidates’ activities.

Recruiter Lite is LinkedIn's entry-level recruiting solution, designed specifically for talent acquisition. It offers more recruiting-focused features such as advanced candidate search filters tailored to recruitment, InMail messages with templates, automatic candidate tracking, and a more recruitment-centric interface.

For recruitment agencies, Recruiter Lite would typically be the best plan because:

  1. It is specifically designed for recruitment activities.
  2. The search filters are optimized for finding candidates rather than sales leads.
  3. It provides recruitment-specific workflow tools such as candidate tracking and job posting integrations.
  4. Recruiter Lite's feature are also perfect to find customers and new leads.

If you have the money to pay, for it, you should definitely consider purchasing Linkedin Recruiter Corporate (see the section below).

What about Linkedin Recruiter Corporate?

Linkedin Recruiter, or Recruiter Corporate, is the most advanced plan for recruiters.

  • You have some unique filtering capabilities on the Languages spoken by candidates, and locations where they are willing or open to relocate
  • You have the spotlights features, that will help you find candidates who are likely to respond: (open to work, active talent, interested in your company, have company connections...)
  • You have 150 inmails offered per month, instead of 30 with Linkedin Recruiter Lite and 50 with Linkedin Sales Navigator
  • You have collaboration features with other recruiters in the team
  • You can have ATS integration (Applicant Tracking System), with more than 30 ATS partenrs,

The pain point users have with Linkedin Recruiter Corporate is the price. Linkeidn Recruiter's account is about $800 per month per user, which is quite expensive.

If you want to learn more about Linkedin Recruiter Corporate, you can check our blog post to learn the main differences between Linkedin Recruiter Corporate and Linkedin Recruiter Lite: Linkedin Recruiter Corporate vs Linkedin Recruiter Lite

How do Linkedin Recruiter Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite integrate with Leonar?

The google chrome extension to scrape candidates profile

If you have registered on Leonar and downloaded the google chrome extension. You will be able to to export candidates from Sales Navigator searches, Linkedin Recruiter Lite searches and Linkedin Recruiter Lite projects. You will be able to:

  • Connect your messaging inbox with your Linkedin inbox (both messages and inmails)
  • Start exporting candidates, Linkedin projects and Searches using the scraper.

If you want to know more about how to export candidates from Linkedin Recruiter Lite and pro, check our blog post: How to export candidates from Linkedin Recruiter

Which Linkedin account can be integrated with Leonar?

Leonar can work with all three premium accounts:

  • Linkedin Sales Navigator
  • Linkedin Recruiter Lite
  • Linkedin Recruiter Professional / Corporate
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