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Build candidates pipelines fast using AI and Automation. Import profiles, craft automated sequences and integrate your ATS in a few clics.
Outbound recruiting platform
Trusted by recruiters from enterprises, startups and staffing agencies

"Leonar is a real time-saver for my recruiting activity: I've gone from 5 days of sourcing to just 2 per week. Having a tool that systematically takes care of follow-ups and centralizes my conversations allows me to have peace of mind and focus on high-value tasks."

Head of Talent Acquistion
Dolihane Feddag
Head of Talent Acquistion @ Gymlib

"Leonar's contribution has been a game-changer for my business. I almost doubled my monthly placements with the help of this tool."

Staffing agencie
Adrien Castagna
Founder @ Coolibri - staffing agency

“All our hiring managers are using Leonar. Before using Leonar, we were highly dependent on external recruiting agencies. Since then, we have made amazing hires and divided our hiring costs by 2."

Louis de Froment
Co-founder @ Diduenjoy

“An all-in-1 tool, essential for nowadays' recruiters. It supports us in finding the perfect candidates and even became a selling argument to our clients."

Adrien Tedjirian
Co-founder @ONOSTalents - staffing agency

One clic import profiles from LinkedIn or your ATS

Say good bye to copy-paste using Leonar Chrome extension.
Bulk import lists of contacts from LinkedIn Recruiter, SalesNavigator or LinkedIn searchs
Get all your conversations synchronized automatically.

Linkedin chrome extension

Get 2x more interviews using multi-channel outreach

Engage faster and better with talents candidates using automation.
Launch powerful messages sequences that combine LinkedIn messages, LinkedIn InMails, Emails and Whatsapp.

Automated sequence

Keep track of all your talents pipeline  visually

Don't get lost in never ending list of contacts. Keep everything organized and visual through Leonar's Kanban view.

Candidate pipeline

Use AI to optimize your daily tasks

Optimizing your workflow with AI technology, Leonar now integrates seamlessly with ChatGPT to revolutionize your daily tasks.

Generate outreach sequences
Hyper-personalize each message
Generate advanced build Boolean queries
Write interview summaries

AI recruiting

Seamlessly integrate with your ATS

We integrate with more than 50 ATS. Synchronize your existing talent pools into Leonar. Add newly contacted candidates into your ATS in one click. 

ATS integration

Start closing more placements than any other firm now

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