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How much do LinkedIn InMail credits cost?

Learn about InMail credits, their different pricing, and discover cost-effective networking alternatives to enhance your professional outreach.
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May 27, 2024
How much do LinkedIn InMail credits cost?
Doriane Stagnol
How much do LinkedIn InMail credits cost?

LinkedIn InMail may be the perfect tool for connecting with new people. It’s got that exclusive vibe—only available if you’re willing to pay for LinkedIn’s premium plans. But here’s the catch: those precious InMail credits have limitations. To get more, you need to pay. We won’t even mention the response rates. Surprisingly, exclusivity doesn’t guarantee high response rates. Sometimes, it even feels like you’re shouting into the void.

So, what’s the deal with LinkedIn InMail credits? How much do you need? And is it worth it? More importantly, if InMails are giving you more headaches than replies, what else can you do to reach out to potential contacts without playing email roulette?

This article will explain everything to you. We’ll cover LinkedIn InMail credits, their cost, and getting additional ones. But we’re not stopping there. We’ll also dive into some alternatives that might just be the fundamental change you’re looking for. From connecting directly with potential contacts to sliding into their emails or even WhatsApp messages, there’s an entire world of possibilities out there. And who knows? After this, you may be prepared to change your outreach approach.

Ready to get the lowdown on LinkedIn InMail and its alternatives? Let’s jump right in.

1. What are LinkedIn InMails?

LinkedIn InMails are a premium feature that allows users to directly message another member who is not a connection. You can use it to reach out to job candidates, network with industry leaders, or connect with potential clients. Premium subscribers get access to this feature, with a certain number of InMails each month.

It comes in three types:

  • Free InMails allow messaging to members with open profiles or in your current network
  • Paid InMails are available through LinkedIn’s subscription plans.
  • Sponsored InMails, used mainly for marketing, let you send bulk messages to a targeted audience, distinguishable as ‘LinkedIn Offer’ in recipients’ inboxes.
Linkedin inmail

LinkedIn InMails have an impressive response rate of 18 to 25%. That’s a lot better than cold emailing where you might get 3%.

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2. How many InMail credits do I have with LinkedIn Recruiter Plans?

Understanding InMail credits on LinkedIn Recruiter can be like cracking a complex code. These credits are your golden tickets to reaching out directly to top talent or pivotal business connections outside your network. But how many do you get, and what’s the deal with purchasing more? Let’s break it down by subscription.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

For people dipping their toes into the LinkedIn Recruiter pool, the Lite version offers a balance between functionality and cost. At $170 per month per seat, it’s designed for smaller teams or those just beginning to leverage LinkedIn for recruitment. Here’s what you get:

  • 30 Monthly InMail messages to start conversations with potential candidates.
  • Additional InMail credit packs can be purchased.

LinkedIn Recruiter Professional Services

Tailored for staffing agencies that require a more robust toolkit, LinkedIn Recruiter Professional Services doesn’t publicly disclose its pricing. Estimates suggest it starts around $850 per month per seat, reflecting its enhanced capabilities. Subscribers enjoy:

  • 100 Monthly InMail messages, offering significant leeway to reach out to a broader array of candidates.
  • Additional InMail credit packs can be purchased.

LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate

For established businesses looking for the most comprehensive LinkedIn Recruiter experience, the Corporate version is the go-to choice. While specific pricing details are elusive, it’s estimated to begin at around $1,080 per month per seat. This investment yields:

  • 150 Monthly InMail messages, the highest allocation to empower extensive recruitment campaigns.
  • Additional InMail credit packs can be purchased.

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3. How many credits do I have with LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is crafted for sales professionals seeking to enhance their prospecting efforts and build stronger relationships. With pricing that ranges from $99 to $1,600 per month per seat, depending on the plan and features chosen, it’s a significant investment that comes with specific InMail benefits:

  • 20 to 50 Monthly InMail messages are included, providing a solid foundation for reaching out to potential leads and establishing connections.
  • Option to purchase additional InMails: Subscribers can buy more InMail credits to extend their outreach, with a maximum of 150 InMails that can be banked per seat each month. This flexibility allows sales professionals to scale their efforts in line with their targets and campaign needs.

To sum it up, here's a visual:

Linkedin inmails credits per plan

4. How to buy extra InMails and how much does it cost?

Whether you’re running short on credits or planning an extensive outreach campaign, knowing how to purchase extra InMails and understanding the costs involved are crucial. Here’s how it works:

  • Navigating the purchase: Access the InMail purchase option directly from your LinkedIn profile account settings or the LinkedIn Recruiter or Sales Navigator interface. You usually find this option in the subscription or account management sections.
  • Cost of additional paid InMails: Each additional LinkedIn InMail costs around $10, depending on your geographic area.
  • Strategic considerations: Before purchasing additional InMails, assess your outreach success rate and the return on investment (ROI) of your InMail campaigns. This analysis can help determine whether buying more credits aligns with your business goals and networking strategy.

5. Exploring alternatives to LinkedIn InMails

While LinkedIn InMails offer a direct line to users outside your network, the platform also presents several alternatives that can yield even better results, often at a fraction of the cost. Let’s explore the benefits of leveraging connection requests, emails, and WhatsApp messages as part of your outreach strategy.

Connection requests: the gateway to expanded networking

Connection requests on LinkedIn are a powerful, cost-free method to extend your professional network. By adding a personalized note to your request, you can introduce yourself and outline the basis for connecting, making it more likely for the recipient to accept your invitation. Once connected, you can message them directly without using InMail credits. This approach not only saves costs but can also lead to a higher response rate since it’s perceived as a more genuine attempt to engage.

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Emails: the classic approach with a personal touch

Emails, whether cold or warm, remain one of the most effective ways to reach out to professionals and potential leads. With the right tools or services, you can often find email addresses associated with LinkedIn profiles. Crafting a personalized, relevant cold email can significantly increase your chances of getting a response. Compared to InMails, emails do not have a direct cost per send, allowing for a broader outreach without worrying about credit limits.

Whatsapp messages: instant connection in a casual format

For a more immediate and personal touch, WhatsApp messages offer a unique alternative. If you have access to a potential contact’s phone number, sending a brief, respectful message via WhatsApp can stand out. This method is great in regions where WhatsApp is a primary communication tool. It breaks down the formal barriers of professional networking, fostering a more relaxed and open exchange.

Why embrace these alternatives?

  • Higher response rates: Connection requests, emails, and WhatsApp messages often receive higher response rates than InMails. This is because they can feel more personal and less transactional, appealing to the recipient’s desire for genuine connections.
  • Lower costs: Unlike InMails, which require a premium subscription, these alternatives can significantly reduce your outreach costs. Connection requests are free, emails can be sent at no direct cost (though you might pay for a tool to find addresses), and WhatsApp messages do not incur charges beyond your usual data plan.
  • Expanding your network: Connection requests have the added benefit of expanding your LinkedIn network. Each new connection opens up second- and third-degree connections, widening your potential outreach and visibility on the platform.

6. Mastering outreach sequences with the LinkedIn all-in-one solution

While alternatives to LinkedIn InMails offer a more cost-effective and potentially higher response rate approach, managing these outreach efforts across multiple platforms can be daunting. With Leonar, you’ll transform how you connect with people.

What is Leonar?

Leonar is an all-encompassing LinkedIn tool designed for extracting, cleansing, enriching, and sorting prospect data across multiple platforms. It’s the ace up your sleeve for setting up and automating messaging sequences, ensuring your outreach is both personalized and scalable.

Automating Messaging Sequences

With Leonar, you can create tailored messaging sequences that automatically send connection requests, follow-up emails, and even WhatsApp messages. Here’s how you can leverage Leonar to maximize your outreach without manual intervention:

  • Extract and Enrich Prospect Data: Start by using the app to extract prospect data from LinkedIn. The tool then cleanses and enriches this information, providing you with a comprehensive database of potential contacts, complete with email addresses and phone numbers where available.
  • Set Up Custom Sequences: Design messaging sequences that reflect your outreach strategy and save you time. You might begin with a LinkedIn connection request, followed by a personalized email a few days later, and finally, a WhatsApp message if you have the prospect’s phone number. Each step can be customized based on your goals and the recipient’s response.
  • Automate and Monitor: Once your sequences are set up, Leonar automates the process. It sends out messages at predetermined intervals, allowing you to reach hundreds of prospects with minimal effort. The platform also provides analytics, so you can monitor the success rate of your sequences and adjust your strategy as needed.

👉 Looking to improve and scale your messaging process? Request a free demo of the Leonar app and discover how easy it can be!

Why Use Leonar for Your Outreach?

  • Efficiency at Scale: Automate your cold outreach process across multiple channels without sacrificing the personal touch that’s crucial for high engagement.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Access detailed analytics to understand which parts of your sequence are performing well and where adjustments are needed, enabling continuous optimization.
  • Comprehensive Outreach Management: From initial contact to follow-up communications, manage your entire outreach sequence in one platform, ensuring a cohesive and consistent approach.
  • Multi-channel approach: Design outreach sequences with one click using multiple channels such as connection requests, inmail, email and whatsapp messages
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