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11 BEST Candidate Sourcing Software for Recruiters 

Discover the top 11 candidate sourcing software for recruiters in 2024, featuring in-depth comparisons on features, usability, and pricing!
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May 27, 2024
11 BEST Candidate Sourcing Software for Recruiters 
André Farah
11 BEST Candidate Sourcing Software for Recruiters 

Finding the right candidates is tough. You must look through lots of applications, check if skills match the job, and fit the company culture —all while racing against other companies for the best talent.

Candidate sourcing software, like Leonar, makes the whole process easier. Recruiters agree: In a recent report from Dream Maker, 66% of responders said that finding the right person for the job is their top challenge. 

There are dozens of candidate sourcing software apps that help with this. They automate searching and improve engagement. While they all have different features, they share one thing: They take away the DIY approach and simplify the recruitment process.

Why do you need sourcing software ?

In its simplest form, candidate sourcing software helps recruiters find the right people by scanning job boards, social media, professional networks, and resume databases. Using sourcing software can positively impact your recruitment process in a multitude of ways:

  • It saves you time. Rather than combing through job boards, social media, and databases by hand, the software does it for you. 
  • It increases response rates. With tailored communication tools in the software, messages to potential candidates are more personalized and engaging, and they're more likely to respond.
  • It makes teamwork easier. By sharing a platform, recruiters can review, comment on, and select candidates collaboratively.
  • It helps nurture talent and build long-term relationships. Recruiters can keep in touch with potential candidates by keeping a database of past applicants and interactions.

What’s the difference between an ATS and a candidate sourcing software ?

ATSs and candidate sourcing software do different things in hiring. ATSs are like databases for job applicants. They keep track of candidates' information, where they are in the hiring process, and let you post job ads. They make the admin part of hiring smoother and ensure no one gets missed.

On the other hand, candidate sourcing software helps you find the right candidates. Candidate sourcing software looks for resumes online and on sites like LinkedIn. It finds people who match what the job needs. You can talk to people looking for jobs and those who aren't yet applying.

ATSs manage applications from people who have applied. Candidate sourcing software helps you ask new people to apply. Think of ATSs as a way to manage applications and sourcing software as a tool for finding new applicants.

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What makes a great candidate sourcing software?

Candidate sourcing software varies a lot. The best ones have some key features:

  • Quick Resume Sorting: They swiftly sort through resumes. This helps recruiters focus on the right candidates faster.
  • Targeted Searches: They use specific keywords to find the perfect candidates in no time.
  • Easy Job Posting: They post jobs on many platforms automatically. This gets your job posts out to more people without much effort.
  • Insightful Reports: They give you data to help make your hiring better.
  • Easy to Use: They're designed to be easy, so your team can start using them right away without much training.
  • Smooth Integration: They connect with your HR tools seamlessly. This keeps things running without a hitch.
  • Fast Support: Good customer support helps solve problems promptly. This ensures smooth hiring.

Here are 11 of the top options for candidate sourcing software to consider.

The 11 Top Candidate Sourcing Software

  • Leonar - Great for a range of recruiting tasks.
  • Bullhorn - Popular among many recruiters.
  • Gem - Excellent for finding and tracking candidates.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate or Lite - Ideal for tapping into LinkedIn's vast network.
  • HireEZ - Known for its powerful search capabilities.
  • GoHire - Perfect for small to medium businesses wanting easy job posting and applicant tracking.
  • Fetcher - Automates the sourcing process with advanced AI, making it easier to reach top talent.
  • Juicebox - Uses AI to enhance candidate engagement and improve sourcing efficiency.
  • Herohunt -  Good at finding candidates who aren’t actively looking.
  • Neostaff -  Tailored for the French market, simplifying recruitment with technology and service.
  • PowerToFly - Focuses on connecting companies with women in tech and other sectors, supporting diversity hiring.


  • Description: Leonar stands out for its advanced AI-driven candidate matching system. It streamlines the recruitment process by automatically matching job descriptions with candidate profiles, significantly reducing the time recruiters spend on screening.
  • Key Features:
    • AI-driven matching for precise candidate-job alignment
    • Automated communication tools to engage with candidates effectively
    • Analytics dashboard for tracking recruitment performance
    • Multi-channel approach through Linkedin, Email, Linkedin Inmails and Whatsapp
  • Suitable for: Organizations looking to leverage AI to enhance their recruitment process and improve candidate fit.
  • Price: Contact for pricing; varies based on company size and specific needs.


  • Description: A comprehensive ATS and CRM platform that integrates candidate sourcing tools. It aids recruiters in discovering and engaging qualified candidates with features like resume parsing and social media integration.
  • Key Features:
    • Resume parsing and a rich candidate database
    • Social media integration to widen candidate search
    • Access to talent marketplaces for finding external candidates
  • Suitable for: Recruitment agencies and staffing firms that need an all-in-one ATS and candidate sourcing solution.
  • Price: Bullhorn Starter: starting at $99/month; Corporate: starting at $199/month; Enterprise: Custom pricing.


  • Description: Gem specializes in candidate relationship management, helping recruiters build and maintain relationships with potential hires. It features tools for automation, tracking candidate interactions, and generating insights on recruitment pipelines.
  • Key Features:
    • Automated outreach and follow-ups
    • Comprehensive candidate tracking and engagement metrics
    • Pipeline analytics for strategic planning
  • Suitable for: Companies aiming to improve candidate engagement and build a talent pipeline for future hiring needs.
  • Price: Contact for custom pricing.

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LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate or Lite

  • Description: This platform leverages LinkedIn’s vast professional network, offering tools for finding, connecting with, and managing candidates. It’s available in Corporate and Lite versions to suit different needs.
  • Key Features:
    • Advanced search filters for pinpointing ideal candidates
    • InMail for direct communication with candidates
    • Integration with LinkedIn’s extensive network
  • Suitable for: Any organization wanting to tap into the world’s largest professional network for recruiting.
  • Price: Corporate pricing generally falls within the range of $5,000 to $10,000 annually. Lite: Starting at $119.95/user/month.


  • Description: Formerly known as Hiretual, HireEZ is a recruitment platform that excels in candidate search and outreach. It uses AI to scour the web for candidates, offering deep insights and comprehensive candidate profiles.
  • Key Features:
    • AI-powered candidate sourcing across the web
    • Engagement tracking and analytics
    • Integration with major ATS platforms for streamlined workflow
  • Suitable for: Organizations that prioritize depth and breadth in their candidate search, from startups to large enterprises.
  • Price: Pricing is based on a pay-per-user model. The Startups package starts at $169 per user, while the Professional package starts at $199.


  • Description: GoHire combines ease of use with powerful recruiting tools, making it a favorite for small to medium-sized businesses. It offers job posting, applicant tracking, and a range of features to streamline the entire hiring process.
  • Key Features:
    • Easy job posting to multiple job boards with a single click
    • Applicant tracking system to organize candidates
    • Interview scheduling and candidate evaluation tools
  • Suitable for: SMBs looking for an affordable, all-in-one recruiting solution.
  • Price: Plans start from $100/month with a free trial available.


  • Description: Fetcher specializes in automating the sourcing process with advanced AI. It helps in finding, contacting, and engaging potential candidates, making it easier for companies to reach top talent without extensive manual effort.
  • Key Features:
    • Automated candidate sourcing and outreach
    • Custom candidate engagement emails
    • Analytics for tracking sourcing effectiveness
  • Suitable for: Companies looking to automate their candidate sourcing and outreach efforts efficiently.
  • Price: Free version available; plans start at $149 per user/month.


  • Description: Juicebox leverages cutting-edge AI to enhance candidate engagement and improve sourcing efficiency. It automates the engagement process, ensuring personalized communication with each candidate.
  • Key Features:some text
    • AI-driven candidate engagement for personalized communication
    • Advanced analytics to measure engagement success
    • Seamless integration with existing recruitment tools
  • Suitable for: Companies looking to automate and personalize candidate engagement at scale.

Price: Plans start at $79 per seat/month, billed annually. Free trial available.


  • Description: Herohunt focuses on passive candidate sourcing, using AI to identify and reach out to candidates who fit specific roles but are not actively job searching.
  • Key Features:some text
    • AI-powered search for passive candidates across multiple platforms
    • Engagement tracking to follow up effectively
    • Integration with ATS for a streamlined workflow
  • Suitable for: Recruiters seeking to tap into the passive candidate market with precision.

Price: Plans start at $107 per user/month, billed annually. Free trial available.


  • Description: NeoStaff specializes in recruitment and temporary employment services, focusing on the French market. It aids companies in finding qualified candidates efficiently through a blend of personalized service and technological tools.
  • Key Features:some text
    • Expertise in the French job market and recruitment practices
    • Personalized recruitment solutions tailored to company needs
    • Technological tools to enhance candidate sourcing and management

  • Suitable for: French companies and recruitment agencies seeking specialized recruitment support within France.
  • Price: Starting at €290/user/quarter.


  • Description: PowerToFly focuses on connecting companies with women in tech and across other sectors. It's not just software but a platform for diversity hiring, offering sourcing, screening, and matching services to support inclusive recruitment practices.
  • Key Features:some text
    • Specialized in diversity hiring, especially for women in tech
    • Candidate sourcing and screening services
    • Community events and meetups for engagement and recruitment
  • Suitable for: Companies committed to improving diversity and inclusion in their workforce, especially in tech roles.

Price: Contact for pricing details and service packages.

ATS with sourcing functionalities


  • Description: Teamtailor combines an ATS with employer branding tools to help recruit and manage candidates. With this platform, companies can create custom career sites reflecting their brand and values, thus improving the overall recruitment process, by automating and analyzing candidate engagement.
  • Key Features:some text
    • Customizable career site to boost employer branding
    • ATS functionality for streamlined candidate management
    • Tools for automated candidate engagement and analytics
  • Suitable for: Organizations looking to strengthen their employer brand while efficiently managing the recruitment lifecycle.

Price: Pricing starts at €1,250/year.


  • Description: With SmartRecruiters, you get a robust ATS that includes classic sourcing features. Using pre-existing integrations with popular job boards and a customizable Sourcing Dashboard, the system lets you find candidates inside and outside the company.
  • Key Features:some text
    • Integrated sourcing tools to find candidates across various platforms
    • Collaborative hiring features for team-based selection processes
    • Customizable Sourcing Dashboard for tracking recruitment efforts
  • Suitable for: Enterprises and businesses of all sizes in need of a powerful ATS with extended sourcing capabilities to attract and hire top talent.

Price: Free version available; paid plans require contacting for pricing.


  • Description: Manatal is a cloud-based ATS that simplifies recruitment with AI-driven recommendations, social media recruitment, and enhanced candidate sourcing. With its Chrome extension, you can parse LinkedIn profiles and organize job applications into kanban boards with Boolean search options.
  • Key Features:some text
    • AI recommendations and social media recruitment for finding top candidates
    • Chrome extension for LinkedIn to simplify candidate information gathering
    • Kanban boards and Boolean search for effective candidate management
  • Suitable for: companies seeking an innovative ATS solution with strong sourcing features to optimize their recruitment process and manage candidate relationships efficiently.
  • Price: Starts from $15/user/month with a 14-day free trial.

Which candidate software should I use?

All these candidate sourcing software can help make hiring easier and quicker. The important thing is picking the one that fits what you need. If you're looking for something with smart tech to match jobs with people fast, check out Leonar. It's great because it uses AI to help you find and talk to the right candidates quickly. It also gives you insights on how your hiring is going. If making your hiring process smarter and more efficient sounds good, Leonar could be the best choice. While all these options are good in their own ways, Leonar stands out for those who want to use the latest tech in hiring. Give it a try now with our friendly demo or start a free trial

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